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Virgin Mobile LG Tribute Dynasty Prepaid Cell Phone

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Deal found at: Walmart

Virgin Mobile LG Tribute Dynasty Prepaid Cell Phone

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Virgin Mobile LG Tribute Dynasty Prepaid Cell Phone Tested and Reviewed

By our senior writer: Izzie Byrd

I've been wanting to write this piece for a long time. And now I finally get to write the in-depth review of the Virgin Mobile LG Tribute Dynasty! I, Izzie Byrd, am used to write about electronics, because I have done so for years. You have hopefully seen my articles about the The Woman in the Dunes (Penguin Modern Classics) (Paperback) by Kobo and the Refurbished Samsung 24" Class FHD (720P) Smart LED TV (UN24M4500) by Samsung. I also did a big piece on the Bose SoundLink Color II speaker. So you might say I have the know-how to be writing about electronics. So naturally I was very happy when I got this product in the mail!


I am really happy to finally be reviewing the Virgin Mobile LG Tribute Dynasty and writing1 this review for you guys for I've been using Lg products for over 8 years now and I was really excited when I found out they came out with the Virgin Mobile LG Tribute Dynasty. Of course I looked where I can get it the cheapest, and I always find it on this website. This time it was the deal from Walmart (The deal can be bought here.) and I saw it was the best deal on the internet. So I didn't think twice and and ordered it there. Luckily for me at Walmart they had same day delivery and free shipping so I didn't have to wait long for my package to arive. When it did, I couldn't wait to open it and finally see my brand spanking new Virgin Mobile LG Tribute Dynasty. I immediately saw it had totally been worth the wait. On the chance of sounding quite a bit biassed being a longtime Lg fan, this product really crushes its competitors, which you can feel immediately when opening the package. I feel like I know enough about the Virgin Mobile LG Tribute Dynasty to write this review after testing it for a couple of days now. So keep reading and I will show you why I am so happy with my new Virgin Mobile LG Tribute Dynasty.

Best Virgin Mobile LG Tribute Dynasty Prepaid Cell Phone deal


I always start my reviews about electronics with a summary, then a clear list of the pros and cons after which I'll give my rating and conclusion. So as you may have understood from the intro, I am blown away by the Virgin Mobile LG Tribute Dynasty. Lg has really outdone itself on this one. The quality is great, and frankly; it just looks awesome. I know aesthetics aren't everything with electronics, but it just needs to be said. Of course the price I got at Walmart was and is unbeatable so make sure to check them out when you decide to buy one yourself. As I have tried many alternatives before, I really got to say they are no match for the Virgin Mobile LG Tribute Dynasty. Just the functionalities alone beats all competitors and the durability also seems to be top notch. The customer service of Lg2 is famous for being really generous so if you ever run in to any kind of problem with their products they're always really lenient with finding a solution. Long story short; not much negative to say about the Virgin Mobile LG Tribute Dynasty Prepaid Cell Phone really. Make sure to read to the end tho because you might be in for a small surprise!


This pros list of the Virgin Mobile LG Tribute Dynasty could be much longer, and is way longer than the conslist, but the description3 this site has will probably already say it all. Here is just a little piece: "Virgin Mobile LG Tribute Dynasty Prepaid Cell Phone". So without further ado, this is the very much incomplete list:

  1. Virgin Mobile LG Tribute Dynasty
  2. Phone
  3. The amazing looks.
  4. The quality is great.
  5. It is everything it promises to be.
  6. $49.00 is just a steal comparing to the alternatives.
  7. There is no brand like Lg when it comes to electronics.
  8. The durability is very nice, so better for the environment.
  9. In this price range, no other product coming out will be matching the Virgin Mobile LG Tribute Dynasty for a long time to come.


When thinking of cons for the Virgin Mobile LG Tribute Dynasty I had a way harder time. Sure, lower prices is always better4 and do you really need this premium quality? That's for yourself to decide. Here is the list:

  1. Maybe the way the product looks is not to your taste.
  2. It's a premium product so maybe you don't need this level of quality.
  3. The Virgin Mobile LG Tribute Dynasty is so popular that soon everybody will have one.

Best Lg product in years


Considering everything I wrote before you won't be surprised that I give the Virgin Mobile LG Tribute Dynasty Prepaid Cell Phone 5 stars, 10/10 an and an A++. In reviews I've read by professionals5 saying that it's just too good to be true I found that they maybe were a bit envious of the success of Lg and they just can't comprehend the awesomeness of the Virgin Mobile LG Tribute Dynasty.


Verdict and Conclusion

In conclusion, my verdict is that the Virgin Mobile LG Tribute Dynasty really will make your life more fun and just better altogether. (And did I mention the resale value6 of Lg products?) I've done my utmost to view this thing from all possible angles in this piece but I see it sounds all very positive. So please read some more reviews, and you'll see that it's not me that is so enthusiast. So let me just say is that I fully, fully, recommend the Virgin Mobile LG Tribute Dynasty Prepaid Cell Phone for now and the future until Lg will come up with its successor. And if you are still hesitating whether you want this new Virgin Mobile LG Tribute Dynasty. Walmart really has a great deal on it now. They have the Virgin Mobile LG Tribute Dynasty on sale HERE for the record low of $49.00. But enough reading. Just go get it and admire your very own, very new Virgin Mobile LG Tribute Dynasty Prepaid Cell Phone!

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Other Reviews


So far good working phone

I've have had this phone for a month now. I was unaware that it was powered by tracphone not t-mobile. But I decided I still try it for awhile see how it works. The first 2 weeks the text messages were taking 3-4 mins to get sent but that has changed recently now the text send fast. I was getting bad reception dropped calls or calls cutting out. For 2 weeks now that issue has stopped. So knock on wood its working like it should be. I do like the phone alot and all the features. For the price its well worth it. Camera is beautiful. I don't really use the stylest that's not why I got the phone. My last phone was Alcatel fierce 4 and it was the worse. I will never use that brand again. I've had LG phones in the past and really liked them. This was on clearance I liked all the features and size of the phone. Interested works fast and it has a long battery life plus it charges fast too. I recommend the phone. If the issue with the text message starts up again I will get the phone unlock and switch to t-mobile.


The best STYLO yet.

The only thing that stinks is that the online price is cheaper than in store. I've seen another review where someone complained that it couldn't be used with t-mobile. It's a family mobile phone. That's what it is advertised as. And for the price and service of family mobile, it's a win win situation. Now, this new 3 has hidden gems that, for the price, shames newer I phone and higher grade Samsung. The 1 TB SD card capability is great. The stylus, unlike the original, has an internal switch in the housing that turns the memo widget on and off when the stylo is in or out. The screen resolution is much better. The camera's mp has gone up, and picture clarity is much better. And so much more. While it is not water proof (I like being able to take the battery out), it does fair ok outdoors. Faster and more space. Affordability on a non contract phone that does so much is what keeps me with lg and family mobile.


Great Phone!

I've had a lot of Family mobile phones but by far this is the best one. the quality of the screen is amazing. I have so much memory space i don't know what to do with it all. other phones i could only download 5- 6 apps. this has gone farther than than. The pen works great and handy when you need to right notes. Very easy to function. The camera is AMAZING! clear pictures, not cloudy looking and low quality. I definitely recommend this phone. I'm a very busy person and this phone has been handy since day one. forget the other phones. get this one! Every contact list is customization to whatever ringtone you want for them as well as their notifications.This has the function for fingerprint security which works 100%. super fast phone/ i beleive it has a 4 g RAM which is alot for a phone and why the battery life is not as long as other phones.


LG Stylo 3 is a great phone for the price.

Excellent sound quality and high screen resolution given clear sharp and bright images. Camera takes high quality still and video images and can also do time lapse and panorama photos. Stylis feature is really nice for quick notes with hand drawn images just like a paper notepad. With the extended memory option there is plenty of room for notes, pictures, music, books, or what ever you need to store on your phone. The only problem I've had was with the SIM card that came with the phone. After 2 weeks of usage, I started getting garbled calls, dropped calls, inability to connect to the network, all of which proved to be a problem with the connection between the SIM card and the phone contacts. A new SIM card from Family Mobile seems to have fixed the problem.